Interview with Miles Wesley

Interview with Miles Wesley

Written by Amanda Poznyakov
Photograph by Jora Frantzis

Photograph by Jora Frantzis

From the streets of California, to now one of the fastest growing singers in the US, Miles Wesley is taking the music industry by storm with a fast growing audience while  dropping new songs persistently. A humbled young artist who is leaving a huge mark on the music industry today. Miles talks about his obstacles in life and his life changing experience on the ABC show, BoyBand.

If you weren’t pursuing music, what else would you be doing?

“I wouldn’t pursue anything else, but if i had to, i definitely would be playing golf. I would be an athlete. I don’t even think you can call golf a sport but I played for like nine years.”

How do you describe your music?

“I think my songs are very musical, but at the same time they have this urban, like really cool, just the words and the rhythm and what I’m saying, it’s just a real musical production.”

Do you have anybody who influences you when you write your music?

“My favorite artists growing up were like Justin Bieber, Drake, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne. That is what I listened to growing up the most. That is all I listened to as a kid.”

How did you feel being on BoyBand?

I was confident with my abilities and I was surprised at how I felt. I think competitions can really put you in your head and I was surprised to see myself not to get in my head about things and compare myself to other people. It kind of brought me down back to earth and I think that was a great thing.”

What obstacles did you have before the show and during that made you who you are today?

“Obstacles would be moving out to LA and finding my footing out here. I didn’t have any place to stay for like 3-4 months. From like October to mid January. I was bouncing around. A lot of internal struggles just like growing up and just kind of growing out of being a kid and teenager and kind of starting my life. As far as being on the show, I think I’m a very selfless person but I mean you have to take it even a step further with a show like that. I think it was a lot of putting myself last and putting others before me. Which I do, but not to this extent. So that was a blessing and I see things in a different way. I give people a chance and not judge a book by its cover. There were a lot of people on this show who I never thought I would be friends with and now I am. So that was a beautiful thing to be opened up to.”

As far as your music, do you think it has become different from before the show to now?

“I wouldn’t say it’s become too different. I’m still kind of doing the same thing. My fans love what I’m doing so I’m not trying to change it up too much, music wise. What I’m doing right now is making sure I’m still making the same music that they like, but making it a better quality every time.”

Where do you see yourself in five years?

“I’d like to have a couple of platinum songs, hopefully be like 3 or 4 albums in. Headlining world tours, and just being super recognized and celebrated for the music that I make.”
Miles is indeed celebrated for his music now, and we’re expecting great things from him in the future.

Author: blackonthecanvas

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