Interview with The Anchor

Interview with The Anchor

Written by Amanda Poznyakov

All the way from Denver, Colorado, the female fronted band, The Anchor, is making their impact in the metalcore music scene.  From over a million views on their YouTube series to now getting signed with the independent punk label, Manic Kat Records, The Anchor is quickly becoming the band that everyone is downloading on their Spotify playlist. The Anchor makes music for people with all different types of taste in genre, sparking the interest of music listeners who aren’t usually into “metalcore”. The band’s main goal is to have their fans find a voice and letting them know that it’s okay to be yourself and be unique.

What first got you into music?

Linzey-“When i was in elementary school, I played flute. Then my dad showed me Joan Jett and I was obsessed with her. He bought me all of her CDs. Then I went and traded in my flute for my first guitar. I was like yeah, I want to be in like a rock band, a metal band, it would be so cool. I played in all these really terrible bands all through high school, they were all god awful. Then once I got out of high school and started college, I found these guys. Cory comes from a little bit different of a background. But it’s always been like, since I was 12 and I found out about Joan Jett I was like yeah I want to be a rockstar that would be so cool!”

Cory- “I mean, I started playing guitar and I was trying to join bands and stuff like that being all over music so one day I said screw it and kind of started my own thing. Then kind of started writing songs. I mean I had dreams and stuff but I guess my big things was like, just put my head down and work as hard as I could. That’s kind of what got us to this point. That is really want got me into music.”

Why did you guys choose this genre to play? How did you get into Metalcore?

Linzey- “So you know like J-rock? Or like DIR EN GREY or anything like that? So my sister was going through one of those phases where like ‘it’s not a phase mom’ and she gave me DIR EN GREY and it kind of blew my mind. I was like ‘this is so cool!’ And I accidentally downloaded a Devil Wears Prada song on Limewire. It was supposed to be a Good Charlotte song or something. So the first metalcore song I heard was Devil Wears Prada. And I was like ‘oh my god, this is amazing!’. I think what really drew me to metal initially was just the passion. There is a feeling that it gives you and there is like purpose and a story behind lyrics and behind the composition of the guitars. And it is just kind of rock emotion and it spoke to me on a different level than other music did. It was automatic what I wanted to do.”

How do you think your music is unique?

Cory- “There is a trend going on. Following a trend is kind of bad. But like being authentic people rather than being this band ‘god’ that you have to go pay and meet. I think that is what is going to start setting bands apart and it is what is currently setting us apart. I think our YouTube videos, our music, our fans, the way we meet them and stuff like that. It is much more of a family and all these people who connect in different ways. We can laugh on YouTube and make jokes, but then also make a song and be really serious. That is kind of how life is. You’re not always serious and not always joking. I think people want and really need extremely authentic bands and people in today’s day and age.”

Linzey- “I also feel like we’re also super invested in our fans and people that support us. We really do make an effort to have personal conversations with all of these people. Before we went on tour, we knew a lot about the people who came to our shows. We knew them like on a first name basis. And we’re able to have a conversation with them rather than ‘Oh it’s nice to meet you’. We’re like ‘Oh how have you been?’. We made a point from the very beginning that we’re not going to treat our fans just as fans. Like, we really want to make them feel like they’re friends and a part of this family and a part of something bigger. That it is almost like not just loving your favorite band but being a part of this community.”

How did you think of Metal Kitchen?

Linzey- “It was a total accident. I remember we were making it and we watched the video and we thought this was so stupid. Everybody is going to hate this, like what were we thinking. We uploaded it and I remember it was New Year’s Eve and we were sitting at my dad’s house just watching the views go up. We were sitting on the couch and couldn’t believe it. It just exploded out of nowhere and I was like ‘how do people even like this?’ It’s cool though, definitely went beyond any expectations we had and it opened up a ton of opportunities for us and I am definitely thankful that we did it but I never thought it would be what it was.”

Cory- “Whenever she was recording this EP and we were ordering chinese food and we asked her what she wanted and she screamed her order at us. And we kind of developed this idea like, we thought it would be funny if we can scream the recipe and it kind of evolved from doing a parody recipe type of thing.”

What do you want your fans and new people who listen to your music know about you?

Linzey- “I would say that, we’re just who we are. You’re going to get what you see with us. There is so facade or any acts that we are trying to put on. You can approach any of us and have a conversation with us and we’ll talk to you. We don’t ever want to have this divide like you’re a band you’re a fan and that’s the way it is. I want people to see us on the same playing field as them and feel like they can have a conversation with us and approach us. We’re not on this pedestal.”

Cory- “We’re experiencing this the same amount as they’re experiencing what we make. Anytime we go on tour or to the studio it’s like a big musical vacation for us. And we want people to feel that and know that we’re not recording these songs a certain way because we want it a certain sound. We’re five people who make mistakes, change their mind, that screw up, try new things. I think they can really get that connection. People have no problem telling us when we screw up.

Linzey- “We’re just normal. We don’t try to look a certain way. We’re just kind of who we are.”

Where do you guys see yourself in five years?

Cory- I want to quit my job. There are like plans for next year and stuff. But whenever we started, it was kind of like let’s be the best we can be and deal with whatever comes. Just work as hard as we can. Just like Manic Kat signing us, we never submitted to labels or management. We never pursued this music industry thing. Manic Kat really pursued us big time. Those are the kind of people who we want to work with. That’s who we are. We just work. I think that is how we’ve been able to get the fans that we have without needing a label. We just put our heads down and work and hopefully in five years we are still putting our heads down and working.”

Linzey- “I don’t think we ever went into this with a goal of where we want to be or what we wanted to accomplish. I just think we know for sure that we create music that resonated with people and gave people a voice to things that they couldn’t articulate. If I never make it to the ‘big leads’ if you will, knowing that we had an impact and people connected with our music and found understanding in it, I feel like that’s a goal in itself and as long as in five years we are still doing that then I’m happy.”

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