ALBUM REVIEW: Make It Work by Rival Town

Make It Work by Rival Town

Written by Amanda Poznyakov


The six piece band all the way from Ontario, Canada has just released their new EP, Make It Work. The high energy band, Rival Town, is a pop punk band from a small city called Thunder Bay. With being compared to Sum 41 or Yellowcard, Rival Town is able to truly make their music unique with their own sound. The lead singer, Cary Hanson, has a power to speak to listeners through music, which is why any fan can feel such a connection to the band and their songs.

Rival Town’s new EP, Make It Work, is based on the struggles the band has faced “collectively and alone”. Trying to make it into the music scene can be a difficult struggle with a consistency of obstacles. The band took their frustrations and made it into a piece of art which is this EP. The songs are a bit more vulnerable than their previous work, but that is what makes the connection even greater. Listeners are able to feel a sense of understanding with inner frustrations of following your goals and dreams. Rival Town has created their own sound with so much individuality, they are truly expanding the name they have built for themselves.

Be sure to check out Rival Town’s new EP on any major music platform. Also check out the band’s music video for their single, “Colder”, out now!

Author: blackonthecanvas

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