London’s Very Own, Small Pond Big Fish

London’s Very Own, Small Pond Big Fish

Written by Amanda Poznyakov

The genre defying female fronted band all the way from London, Small Pond Big Fish, is quickly making their way to the Alternative Rock and Pop-Punk music scenes here in America. The band has just been signed to the independent punk label, Manic Kat Records. The band talks about their unique music, the joy of getting signed to a record label, and how their fans are friends.

How does it feel to get signed?

Iga- “It feels like we have finally gotten a reward for our hard work and we are finally moving somewhere with our music. And it is going to get some credit from a wider audience, rather than the people who currently follow us on Facebook. Which is great because our music gets to be spread.

Dhylon- “I’d say being signed is fantastic and it shows that other people are willing to financially invest in the band and it shows our music is worth investing in and I feel like that within itself is a reward regardless of where our future lies, the fact that this opportunity has come along and it’s great.”

Ant- “It’s quite nice to be able to say that someone else is helping out and all the work isn’t on us. It’s nice to have a team behind us.”

How did you come up with your band name?

Dhylon- “So back in secondary school, when this band first started,we had a different name back then. The name was something me and the original drummer decided. We had a list of names down and some really random names. We had a few typical phrases and Small Pond Big Fish was one of them. When we first came up with the name it was Big Fish Small Pond to represent wanting to escape from the small reality and furthering yourself and being the biggest fish and doing the best you can. But when we were setting up our emails and the Facebook page, we set it up the wrong way around. So we set up Small Pond Big Fish and it just stuck.”

What do you think makes your music unique?

Iga- “We’re a mixture of alternative rock but we do have a bit of a heavy side to us. We do have influencers from bands like Periphery. That is one of our favorite bands at least.

Dhylon- “We are a mix. Kind of like if you had a mixing bowl and just put in various genres and then stuck in a female vocalist on the header of that.”

Ant- “Every single member of the band we have our individual influences from different aspects and different genres. We have taken all of our strengths and best aspects and created our unique sound based on so many different things. It is almost genre defiant.”

Are there any bands you guys get compared to the most?

Ant- “If I had a penny for every time somebody said we sounded like Paramore, I would have a hell of a lot of pennies.”

Dhylon- “The reason we get compared to Paramore is because they’re such a successful female fronted band and there aren’t that many out there in that genre. We take being compared to them as a good thing. For Iga to be compared to sounding like Hayley is great I feel.”

What do you want your fans and music listeners to know about you?

Dhylon- “I want people who listen to our record know that is what they get at a live show. Something we take pride in is replicating our sound live. We take quite a lot of steps to make that happen. We want our live sound to sound exactly like the record. So when you come to see us at a show, what you would expect is to hear that record visually as it sounds when you’re sitting at home listening to it on your headphones. I want our fans to know that they can come up to us and talk to us at a show, we’re nice people. We love sharing our music both through playing and engaging with our fans and stuff. And I want new fans, people out there who haven’t heard of us to come down to a show. There’s nothing more personal and close knitted than coming to a show and listening to us and getting to know us. We’re always around and always around for a chat. And for people in America who do know our music and when we come over there, know what you hear is what you are going to get at our show. I want them to hear what they hear on that CD because obviously if you hear us, you would want to hear us how we sound live and that is what we pride ourselves on.”

Small Pond Big Fish has released their new single, “Parallels”, and a music video which premiered on New Noise Magazine this past weekend. Check it out on their social media pages and stay tuned for future tour dates!

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