Interview with Floam

Interview with Floam

By Emily Clinch
Floam is a new band out of Brooklyn playing bouncy, sensual rock music. Cocoon is their first EP, and they made a video for its title track. BoC catches up with Godfrey Furchtgott, who started the band this past summer.

How did Floam begin?

Floam began when I started making makeshift rock recordings in my previous band’s rehearsal space. Nothing was too serious, and I realized that there are fewer joys so pure as plugging microphones into an interface and seeing what comes out the other end. I showed some of songs to friends, and have since successfully hoodwinked multiple people into playing in the band with me.

Where did the name come from?

The name comes from an ancient vowel meditation practice that predates all monotheistic religions. I added the voiceless fricative and tongue flap at the beginning of the vowels because it feels nice and delicate across the lips and inside the mouth. FFFFFFLoooooooaaaauuhhhmmmmmmmm. Try it at home!

What is your creative process for writing songs?

I move a LOT while writing. And I steal a lot of other people’s ideas. Beyond that, writing and recording go together for us. At this point we record and do almost all of our mixing in our rehearsal room. We are all about controlling the means of production 😉 😉 😉

What inspired this video?

We made the video (with friend and director Nicholas Motycka) with things the universe gave us–in this particular case, large amounts of purple and black cloth, a bathtub found on the street 5 hours before the shoot started, olive oil. Only the bubbles were purchased. The universe gives no bubbles.

What does the future hold for Floam?

Nothing crazy! A few more releases are in the works, and more shows in and around NYC 🙂

Author: blackonthecanvas

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