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Interview with Heatmap

Written by: Amanda Poznyakov

The Philadelphia and Brooklyn based post-punk band, Heatmap, has just released their new EP, Pulses. The trio, Michael Friedrich, Phil Sutton, and Eric Freda, are leaving a lasting impression on both the Philly and Brooklyn music scenes with the simplicity of their raw  and heartfelt songs.

How did heat map get started?

Michael: “Phil and I grew up together since we were 12 or 13 years old. Phil’s mom was both of our music teacher. We have played in bands since then together.”

Phil: “I asked Eric if he wanted to play music, we played in an old band in Philadelphia. Eric and I were playing- we both lived in Philly and Michael is here. I’ve known Mike for a very long time. I sent him some rough demos we had. We went from there and basically Eric and I play every week. And then we send Mike stuff and he writes on top of it. We’ll usually come to Brooklyn once a month or he’ll come to Philly once a month. It’s just basically old friends, I met Eric in college.”

How did you come up with the name “Heatmap”?

Phil: “Eric’s whole thing is like, ‘how can people make fun of this?’ And Heatmap is like, sort of hard to make fun of. I’m sure people can find a way to make fun of it, I’m sure I would be the first one.”

Michael: “Something that criminologists use is a heat map to show where there are hot areas, where there is a lot of activity. There is something evocative about the word Heatmap to me.”

What inspired you to write Pulses?

Eric: “I feel like I’ve been trying to start a band that sounds like this for 10 years living in Philadelphia and I finally had the opportunity to make it sound like shows I went to 15 years ago.”

Phil: “These were the first songs we wrote. The idea was just like as an exercise to write these songs and record these songs. We recorded them on 4th of July weekend in Philly.”

Michael: “I was just kind itching to actually just put out some music. This is the stuff we love, the way it sounds. It’s really simple and really raw. It’s just keeping it really concise and trying to write a song within these limits. You don’t hear a lot of stuff like that. There is a lot of very produced stuff on the radio and even in the underground. I think people just like layering things on and we just wanted to make this simple and stripped down.”

What’s your biggest fear in life?

Phil: “Not getting what I want.”

Eric: “Unimaginably painful death.”

Michael: “I’m reading a book about anesthesia right now and my current greatest fear is undergoing general anesthesia but being aware.”

What’s your life motto?

Phil: “Life is pain.”

Michael: “Search and Destroy.”

Checkout Heatmap’s new EP, Pulses, out now!

Author: blackonthecanvas

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