Interview with Nihiloceros

Getting to Know Nihiloceros

Written by: Amanda Poznyakov
Photography by: Kate Hoos

The unique named trash pop band from Brooklyn, Nihiloceros, has just released their new EP. The trio includes Mike Borchardt on guitar and vocals, Alex Hoffman on bass and vocals, and Gabe Savitz on drums. The band moved from Chicago and are quickly making a lasting impression on the Brooklyn music scene.

How did the band start?

Mike- “The band started with Gabe and I in Chicago, we’re from Chicago. So we started this a handful of years ago there. After a while of playing and growing there, we decided we wanted to change things up. We moved to New York. Old bass player didn’t make it. Mutual friend- Alex, hopped on. The three of us write better music together.

How did you come up with your band name, Nihiloceros?

Mike- “We used to be called Samantha, which was hard to google and spotify search. When we started with that name, people always bought more physical disks so links weren’t too much of an issue. But as years progressed, people wanted to stream us and it was hard to search. So we had been tossing around the idea of changing the name. And it just sort of grew into what we ended up naming it. There is no specific reason behind Nihiloceros, it is the only thing on the internet that is Nihiloceros so it does make it a lot easier.

What inspires you when you write your music?

Mike- “I get inspired by a lot of stuff that we hear. There is a lot of stuff that we grew up listening to, that we have some overlap that we share and some things that are outside of that box and I think all of those things sort of mesh together.”

Gabe- “For me it’s actually sort of physical, or maybe mental, I find that when I could just get lost in whatever we’re playing, that’s when I like it the most.There is nothing that I can point to that is an inspiration but I know when I find it. I know when I’m doing something that I like.”

What’s your favorite song to sing in the shower?

Gabe- “I just make up nonsense.”

Mike- “I don’t think I sing much in the shower, but to this day Float On by Modest Mouse is one of those songs that if you’re in the worst mood, it’s impossible to be in a bad mood while listening to that song. If I were to sing it in the shower, that would be the one.”

Alex- “Keep On Loving You by Speed Wagon”

What is one instrument you wish you could play?

Mike- “I wish I could play drums well.”

Alex- “The violin or maybe the cello.”

Gabe- “The piano, cuz everyone has to know how to play the piano.”

You can stream the band’s new EP and the rest of their music on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud!

Author: blackonthecanvas

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