No Bad Nights: Tennis System on the RARE Tour

No Bad Nights: Tennis System on the RARE Tour

Written and Photographed by Rick Perez

San Diego, California

L.A. noise rockers Tennis System are closing out their national ‘RARE’ tour with their pals Hundreth, Spotlights, and Gleemer, which ends in Atlanta on December 23rd. During their 12th stop on the tour in San Diego, BoC’s Rick Perez got some updates from Matty, Sam, and Garren, the members of Tennis System.  They told stories of insane drives, the van breaking down, and how supportive the four bands are of each other.

Garren, Matty, Sam

How’s tour going?

Matty: Fuckin awesome. Honestly, it’s been one of the best tours we’ve done. All the bands are super rad, not just musically but as people as well. It’s one big team.

So far, what were some instances where the bands came together to help each other out?

Sam: We had to miss a show in Boston because of van troubles. Someone gave Spotlights some money to give to us towards the van. It was a little bit but that was nice.

Matty: There’s a lot of camaraderie during this tour, it’s really refreshing and something I’m not really use to. It’s cool to have some bands that have never met each other work like this.

Best night? Worst night?

Matty: There are no bad nights. Every night gets better and better. All of the bands feed off of each other.

Worries/insecurities on tour?

Matty: Paying rent. That’s always a worry.

Sam: Things like the van breaking down. Thinking ‘is it gonna happen this time?’ you always hope and pray that something doesn’t happen, but it’s inevitable.

How have you guys grown since the last tour?

Garren: The first tour I learned the songs two weeks before we hit the road. It went super well, but it was a tour of learning each other’s  sensibilities, what it’s like to play together live, matching energy, and finding rhythm with each other. This tour, we’ve been writing new music and practicing a ton.

Matty: We’re here to fuck shit up. Always

Who drives the most? Who sleeps the most?

Matty: Everyone does their part.

Sam: We all did insane drives. Garren did the most recent insane drive.

Garren: We played a show in Denver, had an off day and then a show in San Francisco the night after. Originally, our plan was to drive a few hours out then knock out the remainder on the following day. We said ‘Fuck that, we’re gonna drive all the way to San Francisco after our show’. Matty started off with 3 and a half hours, and I went from southern Wyoming to Alameda, California, where I’m from. 15 hours straight.

Cities that you’re most excited to play in?

Matty: I’m always excited to hit Chicago Music Exchange. Easily my favorite guitar store. I also look forward to Austin and Atlanta.

Sam: In Atlanta, we were super surprised at how many people came out to the show and new ALL the words to our songs.

What are you looking forward to in the next ten shows?

Sam: Getting to the shows. Hopefully everything goes well with our van.

Matty: Never played Alabama, so I’m excited for that.

Tennis System set at Soda Bar, San Diego


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