Meet California’s very own, “Hard To Hit”

Written by: Amanda Poznyakov

The American pop punk band formed in 2015, Hard To Hit, has just released their new EP, Better Than I’ve Been, and a music video for “Lunchbox Special”. The catchy vocaled and high energy band originates from San Diego California and are making a huge impact on the California music scene, but also ready to take the world by storm with their music. The band’s lead singer, Jason, tells us about Hard To Hit’s history, and the way their music has grown.

How did Hard To Hit start?

“The band started two and a half years ago. It was TJ and our former guitarist Rich. They met on Craigslist with our buddy Vinny, who was playing drums at the time. I was TJ’s roommate and he said ‘hey, I think we got something going on here’ and he asked me if I wanted to come sing.”

How did you come up with your band name?

“So the name Hard To Hit I had found years ago when I was trying to name my last band. I really liked the idea of band names that were also a sentence. I was looking at a lot of different things. I kind of stumbled upon Native American names. I liked them because they were a sentence in itself and Hard To Hit was one of the ones I found. I thought it was cool.”

What was the thought process of the EP, Better Than I’ve Been, and how is it different from the music you have put out before?

“This album is way different. It is a lot different than the first EP because we had less time to write it and we were working with two new guitar players. We ran into a rough spot where two of our guitar players quit within the same week. We just kind of had to scramble to get things together. So that’s why the main theme of the album is just taking life as it comes. It’s about former progress and not stopping.”

How did you come up with the idea for your music video, Lunchbox Special?

“There were a few ideas that were bouncing around. There were some others that were high concept. It’s just kind of an homage to what we grew up watching.”

What do you guys want your fans and music listeners to know about you?

“We’re not a big deal. We’re just regular people. Especially for me, this album has a lot of introspection on there. It’s just me dealing with my stuff. When you look at Lunchbox Special, a lot of that is written about how I had a big accident a couple of years ago. Within a year, my appendix burst and I almost died. You just kind of gotta count your blessings and appreciate everything.”

Check out the band’s new music video and their new EP!

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