Getting to know Young Poet!

Written by: Amanda Poznyakov

The Baltimore born band of Young Poet has big plans to take over the world with their unique sound. With the release of their new album, “Thrive In A Modern Era”, they are quickly making themselves known in this modern era of Rock n’ Roll. Listening to Young Poet will remind you of the happiest times during your emo phase, while giving you a fresh, new, and unique sound.

How did you start out in music/ Is that what you had always wanted to do?

Seth- “I got started in music through orchestra playing violin. I didn’t get into bands until I was older and realized I couldn’t do sports well.”

Steven- “I’ve been playing drums since I was 3.”

Tyler- “I got into music in school, playing in hardcore and pop punk bands.”

Andrew- “I got into music through my dad and grandfather playing around the house. I started into bands around the same time as Tyler.”

How did you come up with Young Poet?

Seth- “Young poet is actually a reference to WB Yeats, an Irish poet from the late 1800s. He was the most pop punk guy ever; he started a poetry club called the young poet society, fell in love with his best friend, and she rejected him for an army guy. Later they hooked up and yeats stopped liking her. All of his poetry is about getting away from his town and falling for girls. It seemed really fitting to swipe his poetry clubs name.”

What makes your music different from others/unique?

Seth- “Our sound is kind of a fusion of genres based on our members influences. Hardcore mixed with pop punk mixed with post Rock and some grunge. When we combine the flavors it becomes really uniquely it’s own thing.”

What do you want your fans and music listeners to know about you guys?

“We all want people to know we’re just normal guys. We want to talk to every person, we’re not too cool to be down front for every band we play with and give high fives and hugs to everyone that digs us.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Steven- “Touring full time playing drums. Maybe with my own drum company.”

Tyler- “Touring full time and doing art.”

Andrew- “Touring or producing and recording music for other artists.”

Seth- “Probably dead in a dumpster in Sheboygan. Or touring full time/managing bands.”

Who are your influencers and fave artists?

Steven- “Early 2000s punk and grunge. Some hardcore and alternative Rock. I love Silverstein.”

Tyler- “Hardcore and metal; Indie and alternative music. Tiny moving parts.”

Andrew- “Rock of all kinds. A huge breaking Benjamin fan.”

Seth- “Hip hop, post Rock, progressive stuff. Coheed and Cambria and Fall Out Boy are some of my all time faves.”

Who would you want to tour with dead or alive?

Steven- “Seaway or Counterparts.”

Tyler- “TMP or With Confidence.”

Andrew- “Creed!”

Seth- “I’d love to open for Four Year Strong on a tour. Or maybe The Story So Far.”

Where is your dream place to tour?

Steven- “Every venue ever.”

Tyler- “Europe.”

Andrews- “South America or Japan.”

Seth- “Australia would be so dope.”

Check out the band’s new Album,  “Thrive In A Modern Era” out now!

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