An Interview With Pinstripe Loveseat

Written By: Amanda Poznyakov

This trio from New Jersey is quickly leaving their mark on the New York music scene. The punkesque band with a name you certainly won’t forget, Pinstripe Loveseat, has a genre defying sound that will have you singing along after the first listen. This is a band you definitely won’t want to miss live, and one you’ll be adding to your Spotify playlist.

Who contributes to writing your songs?

Dan: “All of us.”

John: “It drives us crazy when we would play with a band and the lead singer is like ‘so this is my band.’ That ‘my’ word is so cringe worthy because that’s the opposite of what we came from. I would never get up there and say this is ‘my’ band. It just doesn’t feel right.”

Dan: “It wouldn’t be this song if all three of us didn’t contributed.”

Ron: “A lot of respect is given to that.”

How did you come up with the name, Pinstripe Loveseat?

John:  “It all came naturally in a dream. I had a dream that we were playing a show as ‘Pinstripe Loveseat’. I brought it to the band even though I wasn’t totally into the name. But everybody at once was feeling it.”

Dan: “You’re not going to forget it.”

What inspires you when you write your music?

John: “I have really been into putting myself into the music and inserting myself into Dan’s and Ron’s songs, inserting myself into these genres that I appreciate. From me personally, those songs come from a serious place. All of our music at this point in our lives come from a really serious place.”

Dan: “For me, I like to make up a story. A lot of the times it’s a lot of real shit that we say in life or say to each other, and just think it would be a really cool thing to put into a song.”

John: “It’s also really important to write and sing songs that you feel confident performing week after week.”

How did you come up with the idea for your music video, Green?”

John: The idea came from us brainstorming on what we thought was best for the song. And it was really the actors who reached out to us before we really even had an idea for the video. And they were kind of the push for the video because we were shocked that people even wanted to be in it. We really wanted to make this the most relatable and fun for everybody.”

Ron: “We had a groundwork of an idea that we wanted and then it really just came from everyone involved, working together. It evolved through the process of talking to everyone and just working on it, even the day of. There was a lot of stuff that changed.”

What’s at the top of your bucket list in music and for your soul?

Ron: “Play Madison Square Garden.”

John: “If I have one goal in music, it is for at least 10,000 people listen to my music. It is a realistic goal and as soon as that 10K happens, that would be really important to me.”

Dan: “Something along the lines of what Ron said or just a big festival.”

Ron: “I’d like to be in a situated enough place where I can do a spiritual pilgrimage somewhere. Like straight up go to India and immerse myself in a different culture.”

John: “If I can live closer to my truth, that would be my bucket list. If I can dedicate 100% of my time to the things that I love, that would make me happy.”

Dan: “I guess mine would be able to experience traveling all over with my girlfriend.”

What would you tell your thirteen year old self?

*In agreement with the trio*

“Practice more.”

John: “I live my life to not piss of that thirteen year old version of myself.”

Dan: “Things are not as big as they seem. Take it easy and whatever comes your way, it is just a hurdle and you’ll get over it.”

Stream Pinstripe Loveseat’s music and their music video!


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