Your New Favorite Artist: AMMO.

This is the artist we have been waiting for. One who will always stay truthful to himself, one who will tell us like it is, and one who isn’t going to forget the most important thing here which is: the art of music. AMMO is the newest artist in the industry who has taught us something so important, which is to be your true self no matter what obstacles life throws at you. AMMO has had a crazy ride throughout his life, and with new music coming out very soon, his newest release, “Macy”, has been a huge hit so far, and is definitely worth a listen! We spoke to AMMO about his life, his music, and his plans for the future.

When did you decide you wanted to pursue music?

When I was 15 I started playing in a band with some kids I knew from church. I was raised Mormon, so when I started to develop feelings for our guitar player (a boy) and our bass player (a girl), it was really confusing for me. I  hooked up with the bass player and the friendship between the guitar player and I fell apart. Losing them was so painful that I stopped making music for a while. 10 years later I moved to New York, was cast on MTV’s Real World, and disavowed Mormonism on national television. I had a lot of feelings I needed to process so I started making music again. Now it’s all I do.

What are some obstacles you have faced thus far in your career?

The commodification of my sex has definitely been a big obstacle. I cannot even tell you how many men— gay, straight, and everything in between— have tried to fuck me in a boardroom or a studio. I have lost so many opportunities because fucking for fame has never been an option for me. If people like my music, they’ll support it. I don’t have to suck corporate cock (literally or figuratively) to prove myself to anyone. Least of all a man. 

What has being on reality television taught you and how do you use it in your music career?

Reality TV taught me that authenticity is the most powerful (and rare) thing in the world. Nothing about the entertainment industry is real these days. It’s all fake people playing fake characters. Fake musicians, fake reality stars, and fake entertainment executives whose only priority is making money. I may be a broke artist, but I’m an honest one and a happy one. Knowing that about myself helps the PBR go down easier. 

What inspired the song, “Macy”? 

I had an ex girlfriend named MACY that I met while I was attending Brigham Young University (BYU). Around the time we started dating, I was in a pretty serious car accident. The doctors prescribed me an inordinate amount of opioid pain killers and within just a few weeks I was addicted. After surviving my third overdose, my best friend at the time suggested I move to Japan for the summer so I could get sober from the pills. He had served his Mormon mission there and felt the strict drug regulations in Japan might help me distance myself from my addiction. I couldn’t go to rehab; I would have been expelled from BYU for violating the university’s Honor Code. So I moved to Japan and I got sober. While I was there I had a one night stand with this photographer I met at a club in Roppongi. That was the first time in my life I went home with a man. When I returned to Utah, I told MACY what had happened. She was heartbroken. We never really broke up, but we also never really resolved what happened because I dropped out of school and moved to New York almost immediately after returning to the States. This song was an explanation, an apology, and a love letter. I still love her very much. 

What gives you inspiration to write music as a whole?

Love. For myself, for others, and for the beautiful world we call home. 

What can we expect from AMMO moving forward? 

Truth! Hedonism! And music. Always music.

Stay tuned for more from AMMO, but for now, just like the rest of us, keep “Macy” on repeat, since it’s one of the most catchiest and authentic songs you will ever hear.