Kathana’s music is the type to put you in your feels, but also help you get over every single situation you find yourself in. We talk to the singer/songwriter and producer behind Kathana and we learn about their past, their music, and everything we can expect from the duo.

How did you start out in music?

I started singing at a very young age. My mom says I was singing ever since I could talk. I would go around the house singing “do do do do” making up my own little melodies. I picked up the guitar and piano around when I was in middle school, and just started playing by ear. I started singing in public when I was 12 at local events and fairs. I always knew I wanted to pursue music.

How did you come up with the name, “Kathana”?

I wanted something classy and sassy but still close to my real name. My mom actually suggested Kathana to me while I was brainstorming. It’s what she originally wanted to name me to honor my great-great grandmother Katherine and my grandmother Anna, but my dad didn’t like Kathana for a name.

What inspires you when you write music?

Strong emotional experiences fuel my creativity. All aspects of love, whether it’s heartbreak, unhealthy situations, or pure joy all play a part in my writing, as well as the new perspectives I take on life as I learn more about myself through self-development and reflection. 

Who is an inspiration of yours?

Gary Vaynerchuk is a great inspiration to me. Sometimes when I feel stuck with my music, I like to watch his videos on Instagram, and they always help me stay motivated and give me a boost of confidence to get work done and accomplish things. He is all about the mindset of just “doing”, and teaches how effective taking a positive perspective can be.

What makes your upcoming release, “Show Me Love” different from your past projects?

This is my first release that actually feels like me. With this song I’ve found my identity as an artist, and now I feel like I have a direction for my sound. My past projects felt random and at the time I was unsure of which direction to take as an artist and they were more acoustic and rock oriented, but I always wanted write more pop.  Then I met Chris, my producer, who already had a passion for composing pop and electronic music, and we became the perfect team. I started with the story behind the song, and he made my lyrics and musical ideas come to life. I think we just both inspired each other, and felt like “Show Me Love” would be the start of something great. 

Who is someone you guys wish to tour with one day?

Foster the People, Max Frost, Coast Modern and Joywave!

Where in the world would you want to tour? (Absolute goal destination)

We would love to tour in Europe. It would be a great opportunity to share our music with other countries and learn about different cultures. 

If you were trapped on an island, what are three things you would want to have with you? (phone cannot be one of them)

Vegan chocolate from Hu, an acoustic guitar, and a fuzzy blanket because I’m always cold.

If you could describe your music in one word using a food, what would it be and why?

Cupcake, because cupcakes are playful yet serious like a lot of our songs. On the surface they’re vibrant and delicate, they draw you in like a catchy melody, and inside they have such richness and depth like the meaning of the lyrics behind a song.

What advice would you give your 13 year old self?

I would tell my 13 year old self to be more present in the moment and to allow emotions to come though, to really feel and work through them, giving them the attention they deserve, and then to let them go.