Meet This Year’s Comeback, Your New Favorite Band!

If you were an emo kid as a teenager, you probably know that very few bands now give us the same nostalgic feel as those in the early 2000s. If you are looking for that same feeling, LOOK NO FURTHER! This Years Comeback is the perfect blend of emo and pop-punk, the sound we grew up crying over. We talk to the band about their music and their history!

How did you guys start as a band?

“Well, Justin and I had always been in bands together back in high school, so he was always there more or less. But, Nick and I had music theory together in high school and our senior year, I was always bugging him like, “Dude, we’re going to start a band after high school”, it was originally supposed to be like, a heavier sound but, here we are, pop-punk, again. Eventually, we got Ryan, on guitar, then to drums. Found Ken through some open mic he was hosting, we really liked him, he really liked us, so we got him on guitar, but then threw him on bass where he really shines. About this time, Justin joins up again but now, as our permanent rhythm guitarist, sorry, I know, it’s a novel.” – Brian

How did you come up with your name “This Years Comeback?”

“We had a few placeholders while we trying to figure that out, but the name came from the fact that our band practices became less and less about music, and more so us just hanging out and playing videogames, and I wasn’t having that anymore. Like, it was time we actually did something, so I figured “Alright, this year, that’s changing, it’ll be “This Year’s Comeback””. It’s also a nod to a certain Fall Out Boy song, they’re definitely a huge inspiration for us.” – Brian

What inspired the video for “Young & Angry”?

“So, in Young and Angry, we’ve got Doug, who’s our bear mascot. Anyway, the song itself is about growing up, and I guess, comparing who you used to be versus the person who you’ve grown into. And I guess in the video, Doug kind of symbolizes that immaturity, the angst, all those yucky things going on when you’re growing up. The band is moreso who we are now, so I guess that explains why Doug’s harassing us because, to be fair, we all sometimes wish we could go back to that time in life but, to be honest, we’ve definitely got it better now. We see that when Doug finally drops the mask.” – Brian

Who would be your dream band to tour with?

“Twenty One Pilots.” – Ken

“Blink.” – Ryan

“Uh, I don’t know, like, Powerman 5000.” – Justin

“Get a time machine and play with pre-Save Rock and Roll era Fall Out Boy.” – Nick

“No clue, to be honest.” – Brian

Where in the world would you LOVE to tour?

“Austrailia.” – Ken

“Like, the UK, I guess.” – Ryan

“Ireland.” – Justin

“Anywhere in Europe.” – Nick

“The UK is pretty cool.” – Brian

If you can describe your music in one word using a food, what would it be?

“One, zesty, meatball.” – Ken

“Jell-o, because it makes me uncomfortable.” – Ryan

“ET cereal, but like, the 2002 re-release.” – Justin

“Oh, then Super Mario cereal.” – Nick

“Like chain pizza or something.” – Brian

Check out This Year’s Comeback most recent music video, “Young and Angry”.