The Backdrop…

blackonthecanvas is written for the edgy, curious, and culturally aware reader. We cover the latest talents of the international indie music scene and share the perspectives of creative people from around the world.

About the creator…

Serenat started blackonthecanvas in late 2013.  As a creative outlet, the blog was founded with the goal of sharing her passion for music and exploring new places and people.

Inheriting the role of Editor n’ Chief in 2016, Rick Perez continues this passion of sharing music and exploring various cultures from around the world.

Shoutout to the extraordinary creative minds…

blackonthecanvas is expanding with this group of talented and dedicated contributors. They are essential to the success of the blog and the magic could not be worked without them.

Editor n’ Chief
Rick Perez

Perspectives Editors
Kyle Nutter, Amanda Poznyakov

Marketing/Events Coordinator
Emily Clinch

Lead Contributor
Harriet Kaplan

Current Writer
Amanda Poznyakov

Past Contributors

Tyler Wilkins, Gia Vescovi – Chiordi, , Brooke Magalis, Eric Evans, Jon Hersh, Dani Kowalczyk, and Juliana Russell.

Want to work with blackonthecanvas?

If you’re in a band or an artist and would like to be featured, send an email to blackonthecanvas@gmail.com